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    Scott Machinery Letterhead

    Welcome to Scott Machinery New Zealand’s website. We are specialists in the sale, installation and servicing of engineering machinery products and accessories. We stock a large range of computer controlled (CNC), conventional and used engineering machinery along with the accessories to fit.

    On this webpage, you can browse the selection of machinery we currently have in stock, learn more about us or contact us if we can assist you with an enquiry.

    CNC Machinery

    Full CNC or computer controlled machines are under this section. Machines with basic controller systems, NC or positioning are under the conventional section

    Conventional Machinery

    Our comprehensive range of conventional machinery includes lathes, mills, drills, grinders, saws, pressbrakes, guillotines, sheetmetal equipment, and much more.

    Used Machinery

    Scott Machinery buys and trades a range of used CNC and conventional machinery. Many of these machines are tested with videos of them operating on the web page.


    Our extensive range of engineering machinery accessories is provided to complement and enhance the performance of your major equipment.
    0800 215 215